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Omnibus surveys are the most most advantageous form of market research. Several clients "share" a survey, in which several subjects are queried at once. The distribution of fixed costs over several clients results in an enormous cost advantage.

To avoid panel effects, new/"fresh" respondents are selected from our online access panel at each survey. The results are based on a valid and empirically reliable sample size (n = 500 net-interviews) and thus have the same quality as exclusive studies.

Full Service

The following services are included in our web omnibus offer:

  • Questionnaire design
  • Phrase of the raw questions
  • Programming of the questionnaire
  • Hosting, online management, panel administration
  • Fieldwork and control
  • Creating code plans for open questions
  • Coding of open questions
  • Treatment in the form of charts and tables
  • Illustration and delivery of results as MS PowerPoint file

Additional services such as personal presentations or special analyzes (eg multivariate analysis), are also possible according to prior agreement. Results will be broken up by age and sex.

Advantages of the omnibus

Surveys via internet offer two essential advantages:

  • Quick response times and availability of data
  • The survey options are more diverse than in telephone interviews

Via online surveys (CAWI) clients have the option to include text, image and sound samples in the survey. Sujets, jingles, logos, slogans, designs and advertising spots can be tested quickly and cost-saving.

In addition to these methodological advantages, there are also some practical advantages for the daily survey: Besides perfect guide through the questionnaire we also have the opportunity to ensure survey quality through employee selection and control of the respondent (click throughs).

Typical omnibus topics

Typical subjects for multi purpose research are for example:

  • Control of commercial success and measuring the affects of commercials
  • Image-Analysis
  • Usage of media
  • Trend-Investigation
  • Tests for Advertising Media
  • Measuring of the Level of Awareness

Study characteristics

  • Instrument: Computer Assisted Web Interviews (CAWI)
  • Type of study: Omnibus survey
  • Respondents: Members of the Online Access Panel
  • Online access panel with about 1,929,000 participants (+ 1800 / day)
  • Sample: 500 Net-Interviews
  • Quotes of age, sex, educational level and county
  • Basis for quota control: Austrian total population
  • Age range: 14-75 years
  • Internet penetration within this age range: about 90%
  • Fieldstart: monthly
  • Results: 7 days after the fieldstart

Investment costs

  • Investment costs per closed question: EURO 350, - plus. 20% VAT
  • Investment costs per open question, incl. Coding: EURO 500, - plus. 20% VAT
  • Minimum size for Omnibus-Start: 5 Questions