U&A Agent

Collect usage patterns and habits, explore needs and motives

The elevation of use patterns and habits, the acquisition of dealing with products and observing the perception of brands include the basic tool of modern product management. Usage & Attitude studies complement the pure purchase data from a consumer or trade panel by focus on the purchase and use of products and brands, and learn about the underlying motives.

U&A studies are to be understood as fundamental studies where the consumer in all its facets, desires, needs and requirements is always in the focus. The interdependence between objective use habits, motives, needs, and interests as well as the subjective perception of products and brands of a product group form the core of carefully executed U&A studies. The main applications include market analysis, market segmentation and the identification of yet little executed market segments.

With U&A-AGENT presents a tool, that reveals market mechanisms and pull up a deeper understanding of the relationship between consumer and brand.