POS Agent

Online survey by Point of Sale-recruiting

Location-based evaluate their own services, identify strengths and weaknesses

Customer surveys make a significant contribution to become acquainted with the company from a consumer perspective and to reduce the "organisational blindness". But it also has a signaling effect on the consumer itself, that its opinion and concerns are taken seriously.

About the mechanics of POS recruitment, ie the distribution of participation codes via receipt, the buyer can be comprehensively addressed and invited to an online survey. This allows an evaluation of satisfaction with their own power supply and makes strengths and weaknesses at store-level transparent.

A show-case shows a remarkable resonance: only 6 percent dropout rate, peak times, with around 1,000 consumers surveyed simultaneously and a total interview duration of more than one million poll-minutes. This corresponds to a net survey period of almost 2 years, collected in 10 days.