Test everyday resistance, generate usage experiences: products on the last testbed on the way to the goods shelf

When deciding on a product alternatives a studio test is not sufficient in many cases. Frequently a product can be evaluated only in comprehensively and realistically use. Therefore Home-use tests are often used as a supplement or continuation of concept and product tests, with the the focus on resistance. For all intents and purposes Home-Use-Tests are the last decisive test of a product on the way to the goods shelf.

Depending on the survey wave are other contents in the center of the investigation. While in the first follow-up the test-interest is charged on the basis of packaging, additional waves for example concentrate on usage experience and on the assessment of individual product features. Due to the multi-stage survey design changes in the use and perception can be captured and analyzed over time.

With home-use AGENT presents a realistic tool to check the resistance of products and for the collection of usage experiences of consumers.