Branding Agent

Integrative brand building: To look at name, logo and packaging in its entirety

Especially in times of increasing competition and increasing product and brand diversity the branding process is of particular importance. More than ever, it is important to equip a brand with distinctive characteristics that increase the recognition value and allow clear conclusions on the brand.

According to the motto "The whole is more than the sum of its parts", it is therefore recommended to develop the essential elements of a brand - brand name, brand logo and packaging - as a holistic, integrated branding process. While the brand name makes a significant contribution to the creation of brand awareness and brand positioning, the brand logo is used due to the simple storage and retrieval of visual stimuli as "memory anchor". Particular importance in the branding process comes to the packaging, as the "face of the brand" an important function in building filled with internal brand images and in some cases, the perception even more affected, as for example the logo or brand name.

With branding-AGENT presents a tool that should support the process of a holistic brand development within the meaning of branding triangle (name - Packaging - Logo).