Social Friday

Why it matters to skip work on friday brings Social Friday to Austria and releases its employees for social engagement

From Friday noon onwards, the productivity curve in many companies will be down sharply. With the thoughts already in the weekend, the workers often deal with activities that are of little use to the company's success and only bridge the last few hours. is now showing that it is possible to do something meaningful at this time and is bringing the Social Friday initiative to Austria for the first time.

Employees are freed on a Friday afternoon per quarter to support socially relevant initiatives - whether cooking for the homeless, spending time with residents of a retirement home or painting and crafting children of the SOS Children's Village.

The concept of "Social Friday" was launched by the Swiss-Macedonian entrepreneur Fikret Zendeli, whose goal is to transform unproductive office-Friday afternoons into social engagement. This not only actively raises awareness of the social environment, but also strengthens the team structure.

Our first Social Friday was characterized by homelessness and took place in February 2019 in cooperation with Shades Tours. In June 2019 we designed an apartment for families with seriously ill children together with BONsurprise.